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Losing your edges?

The loss of hair from the front edge of the hairline can be caused by a variety of issues to include (but not limited to) hormonal imbalance, pulling of hair (traction from styles, wigs, extensions, etc.), hardening/drying products and auto-immune disorders. Some edge loss can be avoided (traction and products). Whereas some other types of edge loss must be addressed internally (nutrition, health, etc.) as well as externally (proper hair care and styling).

The good news is that when caught early, hair loss can be reduced and/or eliminated. The bad news is that many people wait for severe loss to occur before seeking proper help. Help can come in many forms such as (1) a hair stylist with proper knowledge of hair care and hair loss; (2) a Trichologist - hair loss specialist and (3) a Dermatologist - doctor specializing in hair loss.

Identifying hair loss starts with YOU! Look at your hair and scalp on a regular basis and identify any visible changes. Your hair stylist should also be on the look out and alert you to changes in your hair and scalp. If you and your stylist cannot determine the cause(s) or repair, seek professional help from a Trichologist or Dermatologist immediately.

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