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Should I use Conditioner

YES! The condition of the hair can be affected by many factors such as diet, hair products, chemicals, heat, styling and the environment. Hair may become dull, brittle and damaged. Hair with naturally tight curl patterns can become excessively dry and require proper conditioning on a regular basis. In fact, conditioning is considered one of the most important steps in the natural hair care regimen (cleanse, condition, oil and moisturize).

Conditioners are usually liquids, lotions or creams applied after shampooing to restore the pH balance and close the cuticle (soften and smooth the hair). When properly used, conditioners can restore the moisture removed by shampooing and chemicals, as well as deposit protein to strengthen the hair. And although some shampoos contain conditioning ingredients (all-in-ones), they are not a proper substitute for the conditioning step. Why? Shampoo is for removing dirt and oil and conditioner is for depositing moisture and/or protein.

As a practice, conditioner should be used after every shampoo. However, there are a few exceptions including: before some chemical processes such as a keratin straightening treatment and after shampooing young locs (makes them unravel). Select which conditioner to use and when (since there are several types). The most common types include rinse-through, deep-moisturizing, deep-protein, and leave-in. Here is a short comparison of each type:

Follow manufacturer’s directions. Overuse of any product can become a problem. Too much moisturizing conditioning can leave hair limp and cause build up. Too much protein conditioning can make the hair brittle and break. Look at and feel your hair to see what it needs. If you are still not certain, ask a professional.

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