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At Hairadox, we pride ourselves in providing quality education and superior hair products that not only benefit our  kinky/coily/curly hair, but also alter the way we will forever perceive the beauty of our hair. In addition to individual classes, we offer the opportunity to train to become a Hairadox Certified Natural Hair Stylist or Loctician. We believe, properly trained hair technicians do more than just style hair. They are very active in the success of the client's hair goals and are usually the first to identify changes in the health of the hair. ENROLL NOW!



  • Hairadox LLC offers a variety of natural hair, salon business and loc classes.

  • Classes must be scheduled and paid for in advance.

  • Students receive in-depth information and practical exercises that help take their knowledge and skills to a higher level.

  • Students receive helpful hand-outs to use in your practice and continued learning journey.

  • Students view and/or participate in demonstrations on mannequins and/or models.

  • Students receive certificates of participation, certification and/or Illinois CEU credits.

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