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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hairadox?

Hairadox is a limited liability company based in Peoria, Illinois. Our company specifically focuses on providing quality education and superior hair products that benefit natural, highly textured hair and locs.


Does Hairadox make it's own products?

No, we have professional chemists that make and package each and every product. 


Does Hairadox offer salon services?

Yes! Hairadox Hair Care Center is located at 3815 N. Sterling Avenue Peoria, Illinois, 61615. Online booking is available at


How do I contact someone at Hairadox?

Phone: (309) 339-3465 


Are classes in person or online?

Due to COVID 19, almost all classes are currently online. Please contact us for one-on-one private sessions.


Do you offer Certifications for Natural Hair Stylists or Locticians?

Absolutely! Certifications can be earned through a combination of online, self-paced learning and zoom one-on-on sessions. All assignments must be completed. This DOES NOT replace your State Board requirement.

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