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international association  of trichologists


  • Trichologist

  • Cosmetology Instructor

  • Senior Cosmetologist

  • Master Loctician

  • Educational Specialist

  • Subject Matter Expert

Aishah Bilal-Ali, Ed.S., I.A.T., H.P.T.

Certified Trichologist Aishah Bilal-Ali

Aishah Bilal-Ali is the owner of Hairadox LLC, which includes a salon (Hairadox Hair Care Center), a full line of hair care products and a training component ( She has a post-master’s degree in Education and over 35 years of specialized experience in the hair, beauty and fashion industries. Aishah applies her extensive experience and educational background towards serving clients, public speaking and facilitating intensive workshops on the care, maintenance and styling of highly textured hair and locs.


As an Educational Specialist, she has custom designed a natural hair and loc curriculum that prepares stylists to become creative, well-trained professionals in the demanding natural hair care and loc industry. In addition to providing in-person and on-line training to Cosmetologists, Braiders, Natural hair stylists, Instructors and clients, Hairadox is an approved Continuing Education provider for the state of Illinois.

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